Motion Graphics

What are motion graphics?


The term motion graphics may sound obvious (graphics in the form of video). That definition is correct; however, we are surrounded by them so much we may fail to realize how significant a role they have in our daily lives.

Every commercial on tv uses motion graphics. The internet is saturated with motion graphics of every imaginable kind. Digital signage, indoors and out, uses motion graphics. Your electronic devices almost certainly use motion graphics. Your car might even use motion graphics if it has an LCD panel.

So, what are motion graphics? If it's digital media in motion, then it's probably motion graphics. Take a look around you; look at the digital elements in your life, and you'll start to see how prevalent motion graphics are and the impact they have. Then, ask your self, shouldn't you be using that to your advantage?


Why use motion graphics?


Video offers many advantages as a medium. A few of the benefits include effectiveness (video and audio are internalized and remembered more readily than just reading something), lower cost (compared to a non-motion-graphics video with actors, filming hardware, and then post-production), and versatility (you can use the same motion graphics video for social media, tv, digital signage, etc.).

Even if you have a film project of some kind, motion graphics can enhance the project from "a nice video" to a dynamic media experience. The possibilities are nearly endless, as are the uses. Take a look below to get just a sample of ways you can use motion graphics to boost your business.

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What is a brand, anyway?


Many people believe a brand is what you use to visually represent your company to your customer. Your logo, your tag line, your color scheme, your theme song. Those definitely play important roles in your branding, but, it's important to understand branding at a deeper level.

Your brand is what your target audience knows and believes about your company. It's how your company is perceived by others. It includes the specific language, imagery, and sounds you use. That's why it's so important to represent your company with professional and meaningful content. The quality and authenticity of your content will affect how people perceive your company.

Other Design

What else is there to design?

All too often, good design is not given enough credit for the daily operations of businesses. Have you ever been frustrated when filling out an office form that doesn't make sense? Have you gotten lost in a building with no indication of a way out? We've all probably had a task to complete and knew there was a better way, but didn't know what it was.

Now, more than ever, creative design and technology are intermingled, and can help us work better on a daily basis. Maybe your office forms need to be modernized, or perhaps digitized. Your workflows have changed, but your space might not have, leaving you with a dysfunctional work environment.

The possibilities are endless. Talk to us about your goals, and we'll make sure creative design and technology are working together to make your goals a reality.

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