Strategic Planning

Using data to make informed decisions that lead to real results.

A common struggle for leaders and managers is having to work in the organization but not having time to work on it. You may not have time to work on it, but you can’t afford not to. We get it, and that’s exactly why we have specialized tools and expertise to create effective strategic planning in your organization.

Strategic planning can be used in a variety of situations not limited to culture development, change management, short- or long-term restructuring, personnel development, productivity improvement, or company vision. Strategic planning is used to evaluate your current circumstances and create an actionable plan to set and achieve your goals.

Operational Consulting

Leading a plan to success.

Sometimes you just need a plan, but sometimes you also need someone to champion that plan. Implementing strategic plans can be overwhelming for many organizations, so we’re here to lead the way through the process of implementing your strategic plan.

Depending on your needs and your strategic plan, operational consulting could involve implementing software or hardware technology, training personnel, leadership development, communications development, and more. We ensure a clear, smooth path to making your strategy become reality.

Work Space Design

Inspire people with their surroundings.

The physical spaces where we live and work play vital roles in how we live and work. The purpose of a well-designed space isn’t simply to “look pretty,” to enhance what we do. The physical space surrounding your work is an important part of your story. It tells something about your company. What story is your current space telling?

We understand not every company has the finances on hand to completely overhaul their physical spaces regardless of the benefits. Let us evaluate your space and discuss strengths and challenges. Physical space improvements don’t have to break the budget, and at the very least, you can have a proper action plan to follow over time and as finances allow.


of employees feel more engaged when their work is aligned with the company mission.



of business leaders said the pace of technology change in their organization is too slow.



of employees agree that the design of their workplace is important to them.


The heart of Haemer is important to us. It drives what we do and how we do it, and it revolves around the idea of creating net benefit. It’s about being truly helpful, for everyone.

We’re working on a short video to talk more about the heart of Haemer, so stay tuned for that.


Darrell Haemer

Darrell founded Haemer with the goal of helping people work better. He’s an avid learner and creative problem solver. He’s passionate about change (he’s currently authoring a book on the topic), leadership, creativity, and architecture and design.

Joe Raible

Joe is the CEO of Ascend Business Consulting, and is a collaborative associate with Haemer. Joe has extensive experience with strategic and operational consulting in the government sector.

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