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Communications Design Guide for Non-Designers

Every day, a receptionist, or admin assistant, or manager, or engineer, or some other non-designer role is asked to create a product that requires design and communication skills. It might be a brochure, web page, presentation slide, social media graphic, or something else, and they have to churn something out with no training and no help.

I empathize. Seriously. I don't think it's kind or responsible for leadership to require non-designers to do design and communications work. I dream of a working world in which that never happens, but until then, I'm hoping this guide will help those non-designers who find themselves trying to make information look and sound great.


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"Communications Design Guide for Non-Designers" - By Darrell Haemer - - 4 Comments



  1. Of course I would see this right after I made an atrocious graphic. At least this will help me fix it, haha

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