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Word Processor, Spreadsheet, or Page Layout?

Using the right tool for the job is a good start to creating a better product in less time and with fewer frustrations. This concept is broadly applicable, but I want to look at a specific set of software tools commonly used in offices on a daily basis, and I want to lay out some […]
by Darrell Haemer / September 28, 2017 /In Technology, Tools
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Four Favorite Spreadsheet Functions

If you’ve already seen my post, Six Tips for Sexier Spreadsheets, I don’t want you to get the idea that snazzy looks is all that matters. That’s spreadsheet blasphemy! In order to maintain balance, I want to overview a few spreadsheet functions I find myself using frequently when building spreadsheets. I’m using Google Sheets for […]
by Darrell Haemer / June 1, 2017 /In Technology, Tools, Tutorials
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Six Tips for Sexier Spreadsheets

That’s right; I believe our spreadsheets can, and should be, sexier. Spreadsheets can be useful for all kinds of processing and organization tasks; and if we’re going to be using it as a tool, we should make the experience as healthy as possible. I’m not talking about turning your digital workflow inside-out here. These are […]
by Darrell Haemer / May 23, 2017 /In Technology, Tools, Tutorials
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Use the Right Tools

This is the second post in a series covering the 3 keys of a healthy organization, which are: Do the right things, with the right tools, in the right conditions. Once you have your organizational strategy in place—which includes why you’re doing something, what you’re trying to do, and the style in which you’ll do it—it’s time to find the right […]
by Darrell Haemer / May 11, 2017 /In Technology
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3 Keys to a Healthy Organization

Welcome! This is, in fact, the first post of this blog, so welcome to the beginning! Let’s cut right to the chase, shall we? I’ll be covering content within three primary fields: organizational development, technology (tools), and space design. Those fields are the three-fold approach of Haemer to creating health in business. I want to unpack that […]
by Darrell Haemer / April 24, 2017 /In Organizational Strategy, Space Design, Technology