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One Vital Component for Awesome Customer Service

While eating dinner with my wife this evening, she was telling me about customer service phone call experiences she had with two different companies. It went something like this: “I’ve talked to at least three different people at this new company, and they’ve all been super friendly and helpful! Every person I ever talked to […]
by Darrell Haemer / February 2, 2018 /In Organizational Strategy
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Instead of New Year Resolutions…

It might still seem like a month or two away, but the new year is upon us, and a wave of those optimistic new year resolutions and goals are coming with it. That snarkiness right there might lead you to think I’m a naysayer about resolutions, but that’s not the whole truth. I know there’s […]
by Darrell Haemer / December 16, 2017 /In Organizational Strategy

3 Steps to Great Meetings

I learned the importance of having focused meetings from my college orchestra director. I’ll never forget the lesson he taught us when some of us weren’t paying attention and time was being wasted. It went something like this (paraphrased): When you’re not paying attention and you have to repeat a question or we have to […]
by Darrell Haemer / June 17, 2017 /In Organizational Strategy, Tools
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Do the Right Things

This is the first of three posts covering the 3 keys of a healthy organization. I want to break this large concept into two major pieces, and then each of those pieces into questions. That may sound a bit odd right now, but I think it will make sense once we get there. It’s just one of […]
by Darrell Haemer / May 4, 2017 /In Organizational Strategy
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3 Keys to a Healthy Organization

Welcome! This is, in fact, the first post of this blog, so welcome to the beginning! Let’s cut right to the chase, shall we? I’ll be covering content within three primary fields: organizational development, technology (tools), and space design. Those fields are the three-fold approach of Haemer to creating health in business. I want to unpack that […]
by Darrell Haemer / April 24, 2017 /In Organizational Strategy, Space Design, Technology